Daily Trade Log

Click the link below to download a PDF file of my daily trade log.  I make no guarantees about the accuracy or reliability of the information, and by no means should anyone use this to trade with, or as a recommendation.  It is delayed information.   I normally update it daily, but not always.  It's just here for general information.  My intent is to provide a simple place for Covestor.com subscribers, and anyone else interested, to find a detailed list of recent trades used in that model.

I should mention here that the trade log doesn't tell the whole story. Part of my trading strategy includes position sizing, which varies based on my calculated probability of success.  These trades are not all evenly weighted so if you attempt to average them it will not match my published results.  That being said, this should provide a general idea of what I've done.  If you are a Covestor.com subscriber you can pull position sizes from your own reports, interject them, and it should then match.

Good Trading