About me

I am a business operator outside of the financial industry. I have been trading privately for nearly 20 years and using quantitative analysis for more than a decade to trade equities. I've also had extensive and ongoing formal training in trading best practices.

Investment Style

I use a quantitative analysis to find short term overbought and oversold conditions in equities. My approach is purely quantitative analysis of price, volatility, and volume. My system has been backtested and optimized on in-sample data over millions of trades, and approximately ten years. Then it was further verified on out-of-sample data, and finally traded in real time beginning in June 2009.

How I Got Started

I do not have a degree in finance, math, or physics. I'm just a business man. What I DO have is an affinity for numbers. Many years ago, I became fascinated by finding unique patterns in tradeable markets that I could profit from. Over two decades, I have refined my systems into what I use today.

Personal Interests

When I'm not completely engrossed in mathematical formulas and trading systems, I enjoy hiking, biking, woodworking, and gardening. I live with my spectacular wife on the Puget Sound, and enjoy many afternoons sitting on the back deck sipping lemonade and watching boats cruise by.